Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen Fuel

There are few people that are going to argue with the fact that hydrogen fuel can be considered a fuel carrier. Some even say that this is exactly all that hydrogen fuel is. Hydrogen does not occur in abundance on our planet – at least not by itself. It is readily available as a compound and so in order to extract it to create hydrogen fuel, it becomes necessary to separate the hydrogen content from the compound of which it is a part. Typically, it needs to be extracted from water or from methane.

Hydrogen fuel – alternative fuel

To an ordinary person, hydrogen fuel means putting some kind of alternative fuel into their cars. Furthermore, when driving cars that run on hydrogen fuel, it is necessary to visit special fuel stations where one can refuel the hydrogen. This hydrogen has to be burnt inside an internal combustion engine or it can be used in fuel cells which will help to propel a car and in doing so will emit a small quantity of steam as a byproduct.


NASA uses hydrogen to power up its rockets and along with hydrogen peroxide makes up the fuel in many racecars as well as in jetpacks. Those who have a particular fondness for the battery powered electric car like to call hydrogen fuel nothing better than an energy carrier. However, they seem to forget that electric batteries as well as capacitators that are widely used in an electric car are also nothing but battery carriers.

Real sources of energy

Coal and petroleum as well as methane are actually real sources of energy as they contain energy by themselves and so do not have to be altered in order to get energy. In spite of that, hydrogen fuel is a substance that is volatile and inflammable and it is also very combustible and can be used to good effect to propel a car forward. It can also be used to drive planes and motorcycles as well as trucks and other kinds of vehicles.

Hydrogen fuel cars are often preferred over other kinds of vehicles because of the fact that they do not emit any pollutants. A hydrogen fuel car gives off no emissions. Those who are critical of electric cars say that these are not real zero emission vehicles because the electricity that they use is derived from coal. Hydrogen fuel, on the other hand, can be generated from steam reforming natural gas. This represents a clean process that is far superior to burning up of coal.

When it comes to nations that are leading in hydrogen fuel, countries such as Germany, USA and Japan lead in the production of hydrogen fuel as well as hydrogen cars. Germany is at the forefront of the push to build proper infrastructure to enable simpler refueling of hydrogen.

Hydrogen fuel is generally obtained through the steam reforming of natural gas process. Hydrogen can easily be extracted from methane, a natural gas and also from steam. Honda, the Japanese car manufacturing giant, is developing a prototype home system that can produce hydrogen fuel. Electrolysis of water is also a means of obtaining hydrogen fuel.

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