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Hydrogen Fuel Alternative

Hydrogen Fuel Alternative

The subject hydrogen fuel alternative is both very interesting and also very controversial – at least as far as the discussion on alternative energies go. Man has already known about and used other alternative energy sources including the sun and water as well as biomass. However, mankind has only become acquainted with hydrogen fuel in the last one hundred and fifty years.

Hydrogen fuel - production

Even so, the interesting thing about hydrogen fuel alternative is that hydrogen can be produced and used as a source of fuel that can be used to power up vehicles. All that is required is to convert water into HHO or what is also known as Brown's gas and even oxyhydrogen.

Economic impact

The debate regarding hydrogen fuel alternative can often become heated especially when people think about the economic impact of producing the required hydrogen fuel. There is however no denying the fact that hydrogen fuel alternative is worth investing time money and effort on because when the right technologies are discovered, they will help us in many ways.

High costs

Already, cars are being driven by pure hydrogen but the costs involved are very high. So, the common car buyer cannot afford to own such cars which continue to remain out of their grasp. However, it is possible to supplement petrol and even an alcohol engine with some hydrogen as well as oxygen that in turn can be obtained from water. Such a hydrogen fuel alternative is truly worth exploring.

Hydrogen is a very basic kind of element that is found in abundance everywhere. It contains an atom which has a single proton and another electron. Hydrogen is also the most powerful of all elements in our universe. However, even though it is simple and abundant element hydrogen is not found (naturally) in gaseous form and is always found as part of a combination with another element. Water is prime example of how hydrogen combines with another element (oxygen).

To obtain hydrogen, it is necessary to separate it from hydrocarbons which can be done through application of heat during a process called reforming hydrogen. Hydrogen does however contain plenty of energy and when it is burnt (in order to power up a vehicle) it does not create any significant pollution.

NASA is a prime exponent of the hydrogen fuel alternative and it has been using it since the seventies to send space shuttles into orbit. When one starts to think about hydrogen fuel alternative, a question that is bound to arise is whether hydrogen is in fact a viable alternative to fossil fuels. The problem with hydrogen fuel alternative is that hydrogen is not easy to store and in fact requires large storage tanks such as are used on the space shuttle.

Other questions that arise when it concerns hydrogen fuel alternative include whether it is possible to speed up the hydrogen producing process and whether the temperature at which hydrogen can be extracted from its compound can be lowered.

The bottom line is that hydrogen fuel alternative is definitely an option that is worth exploring further. Hydrogen fuel cells will become key components of future engines.

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