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Hydrogen Fuel Cars

Hydrogen Fuel Cars

Britain is going to test its own Hydrogen fuel cars. In fact, about 30 such vehicles are going to be tested with each having a maximum speed of fifty miles per hour. What's more, these hydrogen fuel cars are expected to travel two hundred miles (approximately) on a single tank of hydrogen and will be available to motorists in Leicester from the spring of 2012. These vehicles will be available on lease basis only.

Hydrogen fuel – Riversimple

These hydrogen fuel cars are basically just two-seater cars that have been developed by a small sized British car manufacturer called Riversimple. The company operates out of Ludlow in Shropshire and the prototype has been constructed in Silverstone in Northamptonshire.

Successfully tested

In case these hydrogen fuel cars are successfully tested the company will then think about constructing a factory that will be set up in Leicestershire. The company also expects to hire about two hundred and fifty people who will work hard to manufacture about five thousand such hydrogen fuel cars per year.

Not for sale

These hydrogen fuel cars will not be available for sale but will only be leased out to those who are willing to pay approximately two hundred pounds sterling per month. They will also need to pay for the hydrogen fuel to power up the vehicle.

This company has invested about three million pounds sterling to develop the technology required to produce their hydrogen fuel cars. The car itself is able to accelerate from zero to thirty miles per hour in a mere 5.5 seconds and its mileage is approximately three hundred miles per gallon.

Riversimple has already entered into an agreement with the Leicester City Council for a year's pilot that involves about thirty hydrogen fuel cars that will be rented out to various interested parties including private owners, businesses as well as car-share schemes and even officials of the local government of Leicester City.

This project also deals with the task of identifying the best places where hydrogen pumps can be located so as to facilitate refueling. Though the testing of hydrogen fuel cars such as the Riversimple will not usher in the end of petrol and diesel driven cars, their testing will usher in a new era in automobile engineering. The simple truth is that it is possible to create sustainable as well as virtually pollution free transportation solutions. This is true even when we consider existing technologies.

When new technologies are successfully developed, the picture might become even rosier. Riversimple has already received the backing of the government. It has also been acknowledged that there is a pressing need to harness the best technologies to enable us to break our total dependence on fossil fuel.

It is therefore very important to create new and alternative solutions. Today, petrol and diesel cars are responsible for creating sixty percent of domestic emissions. A radical change is needed in order to break free from such pollution. The best part about these hydrogen fuel cars is that they weigh a mere 350 kilograms and can easily recapture their own energy from their motion when braking and only produce a few water drops as waste.

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