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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

If things go according to plan, it will not take too long before hydrogen fuel cell cars will replace our traditional gasoline powered cars. If we manage to create hydrogen fuel cell cars, we will have succeeded in breaking our dependence on dirty as well as expensive fossil fuels that in any case are fast dwindling. It is also important to realize that hydrogen fuel cell cars offer us many potential benefits though at the same time it does pay to also take a closer look at some of their downsides.

Hydrogen fuel cell – pros and cons

After checking the pros and cons of hydrogen fuel cell cars, it is possible to arrive at a more informed decision. There are several good reasons why it would pay to switch over to driving hydrogen fuel cell cars. For one, these cars are very clean and can produce (as byproduct) some clean water. In fact, instead of producing pollution, these cars produce water that is clean enough to drink.

More efficient

A second good reason to go for hydrogen fuel cell cars is the fact that these cars are much more efficient as compared to the gasoline powered car. In fact, hydrogen fuel cell cars are able to use up to ninety percent of the energy that is produced in the hydrogen fuel cells. This energy can then be converted into energy that has a strong electrical charge.

Available in abundance

A third reason why it pays to think about driving in hydrogen fuel cell cars is the fact that hydrogen is an element that is available in abundance. In fact, for the foreseeable future, one cannot see it being exhausted.

There are however a few downsides to using hydrogen fuel cell cars. One of the biggest downsides is the fact that storing the hydrogen is a major problem. Hydrogen is also inflammable and so is not easy to store in a car. This is because a very slight bump can lead to the hydrogen in the tank exploding.

A second downside to using hydrogen fuel cell cars is the fact that producing hydrogen fuel cells is a costly business. This is because the fuel cells need to be made from platinum and platinum is not only very expensive but it is also pretty rare.

As of now, not many people are aware about the benefits of driving hydrogen fuel cell cars as this concept is a relatively new one. This means that the first target for those who make such vehicles is to educate people and make them more aware about the benefits of running cars on hydrogen fuel cells. The good news is that much research as well as experimentation is being done in order to reduce the downsides of using hydrogen fuel cell cars and promoting its benefits.

It will take some time before technologies are developed that can help to produce cost efficient hydrogen fuel cell cars. Till such time, one can only wait and watch and hope that the efforts that are being put into making such vehicles will bear fruit before too long.

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