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Hydrogen Fuel Companies

Hydrogen Fuel Companies

On-Demand Hydrogen is the latest among the best British hydrogen fuel companies. This company has been formed after obtaining help from the British Government and it has also obtained funding from the United States and from other overseas companies. On-Demand Hydrogen is one of those pioneering hydrogen fuel companies that have developed its own technology that makes it easy to extract hydrogen from ordinary water.

Hydrogen fuel – On-Demand Hydrogen

Basically, On-Demand Hydrogen is one of those hydrogen fuel companies that make use of technology that essentially involves extracting hydrogen from water. This technology is also able to solve a number of other problems related to creation of hydrogen and its storage. Such hydrogen fuel companies offer hope that the day is not far when we are finally able to switch over to a hydrogen economy.


Essentially, hydrogen needs to be mixed with gasoline in order to create affordable and eco friendly fuels. Hydrogen fuel companies such as On-Demand Hydrogen are in a position to take the concept of creating affordable fuels a step forward. If their technology proves to be successful then in the future, cars can start tapping water in order to obtain cheap and clean fuel to power them. Even ships would be able to obtain sufficient power to power them by using seawater.

Intelligent Energy

Intelligent Energy is another one of the better hydrogen fuel companies that are offering clean and low carbon as well as energy efficient fuels. This is one of those hydrogen fuel companies that are able to make use of their own proprietary hydrogen generation technologies. They possess all the required building blocks to come up with bespoke power systems for original equipment manufacturers as well as for the global mass market.

Intelligent Energy is one of the best UK based hydrogen fuel companies and is privately owned and boasts of an employee base of over one hundred and fifty people. They are headquartered in Loughborough and have branches in the US, Japan as well as in India.

Intelligent Energy is also one of those British hydrogen fuel companies that make use of the latest Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell stack technologies. These technologies are very unique and are not anything that has been derived from conventional technologies.


Runcorn is one of the better UK based hydrogen fuel companies that has developed breakthrough technologies that could lead to making hydrogen fuel cell powered cars more affordable to the mass market. This small business in the UK has been selected by the Carbon Trust to get a million pound investment to help it develop the required technology to create affordable hydrogen fuel cell cars.

Runcorn has come up with a new design that focuses on using proprietary liquid catholyte system. This concept was developed by Andy Creeth who is the co-founder of ACAL Energy based in Runcorn, which is set to take on the world with its groundbreaking technology. This step change fuel cell technology can easily be mass produced and it can deliver significant cost benefits that could pave the way for production of affordable hydrogen fuel cell cars.

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