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Hydrogen Fuel Engines

Hydrogen Fuel Engines

The costs of petrol are rising and becoming very unaffordable. Car manufacturers have a long way to go before they are able to offer better fuel economy. They have their hands full trying to adhere to proper emission standards which are perhaps the reason why they have not been able to come up with suitable alternatives. Hydrogen fuel engines offer some hope as they promise a lot in so far as boosting fuel economy goes and they can do that while also adhering to emission regulations.

Hydrogen fuel - availability

The trouble with using hydrogen fuel engines is that hydrogen is currently not available at your neighborhood petrol station. This is perhaps the main reason why hydrogen fuel engines are not being offered to the general public. Another reason why hydrogen fuel engines are not so easily available is because these engines are not being produced at economical rates.


Hydrogen fuel engines do not however need NOx or any particulate control. They can make do with cheap oxidation catalyst which can easily control tiny amounts of exhaust which is emitted by such engines.

Bolt-on technologies

Hydrogen fuel engines are basically engines that work on the principles of bolt-on technologies that help to ensure that any vehicle owner can add the desired engine to the engine compartment in their vehicle. The cost of such engines is believed to be less than fifty percent that of a diesel engine.

As of now, prototype hydrogen fuel engines are being installed in test vehicles that have sufficient space to hold the reformer as well as its associated system. Vehicles are already being tested for their performance and reliability as well as durability. Once these tests are able to show that hydrogen fuel engines are a viable alternative, they can then be developed further.

It is believed that four cylinder petrol driven engines will be the main candidates for hydrogen fuel engines technologies. This is because the high costs of petrol have made it very necessary that we find an alternative solution and hydrogen powered engines can prove to be that alternative solution. With such engines, you have a better chance of getting good mileage and you will also be spared the thought of worrying about burning up all the remaining fuel that is left in the world.

It is expected that hydrogen fuel engines will help in conserving fuel in appreciable manner. Of course, these engines are not available today but it is expected that pretty soon they will be made available to the average car buyer. There are a number of car manufacturers that are looking at the benefits of using such engines. For a car owner, this is good news because soon they will get an alternative solution that will help them avoid having to pay a high cost for petrol.

Hydrogen fuel engines are certainly an alternative solution that can do wonders. These engines will burn fuel much more efficiently and while doing so, will not produce dangerous gases and will not pollute the atmosphere either. They can also boost petrol engine fuel economies as well as for diesel engine vehicles.

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