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Hydrogen Fuel Systems

Hydrogen Fuel Systems

Mostly, hydrogen fuel systems need to be installed on semi-trucks or they can also be added on as aftermarket accessories. However, these systems also have been especially designed to help facilitate the injection of pure hydrogen or even a rich mix of hydrogen into a fuel that is used with internal combustion engines. In order for hydrogen fuel systems to work, it is necessary to frequently inject the hydrogen so that it is made to join with the air while being taken in by the engine.

Hydrogen fuel – pre-mixed

The hydrogen fuel injection can also be pre-mixed with some compressed natural gas and this can be done at any filling station that sells hydrogen. One of the benefits of using hydrogen fuel systems is that these systems will help to improve horsepower as well as torque of the vehicle. In addition, they will barely emit any dangerous gaseous matter and they also do not emit any pollutants either.

Reduces emission of pollutants

Trucks that have hydrogen fuel systems installed on them can, when run, reduce the emission of dangerous pollutants by up to sixty percent. This means that by using hydrogen fuel systems you can significantly reduce emissions of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide as well as carbon dioxide. At the end of its combustion cycle, hydrogen fuel systems emit very little pollution.

Cost beneficial solutions

Another major reason why it pays to use hydrogen fuel systems is that these systems provide a very cost beneficial solution. The money that has to be invested in installing hydrogen fuel systems will be recovered in a very short time and in addition, these systems will also provide instantaneous savings as well.

Hydrogen fuel systems are also not too expensive though it will still require making an investment of about eight thousand pounds sterling. For this money, it is possible to purchase good hydrogen fuel systems though the amount that is paid will vary according to features and quality.

Hydrogen fuel systems provide numerous benefits in terms of your ability to save money and there are other benefits as well that have helped to make these systems very useful. With fossil fuels on the brink of extinction, it is important to find better and safer ways of creating energy. Alternative fuels such as hydrogen can easily help in generating electricity and only requires making use of fuel cells.

Hydrogen is the most commonly available gas in the entire universe and can be found everywhere. It can be combined with oxygen in order to make electrical currents that can be used to run motors such as the ones that are used in cars. Fuel cells have been developed that can do this. There is also need to use an anode which has a negative charge and which rests on one of the ends of the fuel cells. It will draw some of the hydrogen that has been stored in a tank and a catalyst will react with hydrogen and break it up into electrons having negative and positive charges.

A Polymer Electrolyte Membrane or PEM will have to rest between the fuel cell's positive and negative sides. This helps in allowing positively charged protons pass through toward the positive end and in doing so create electricity that can be used to power up a motor.

A cathode which has a positive charge sucks in oxygen from the environment and then breaks the atoms of oxygen into two. The two atoms then combine with a pair of hydrogen proton as well as a pair of hydrogen electrons. This helps to produce water which is a byproduct and which is clean enough to drink.

These are all that are required to run hydrogen fuel systems.

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